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Specialized has a deep rooted history in proprietary products for their bikes.   The brain shock system is forefront in this battle; as of 2016, Specialized and Fox no longer service most brain components pre 2014. This means that if your brain shock for your Epic needs servicing, you are S-O-L.   To make matters worse, the shock dimensions for these frames are proprietary, which makes replacing the shock very difficult.

Since these shocks have become a non-serviceable item, we have had to delver the unfortunate news to customers that their shock is dead and in-turn, so is their frame…. until now.  In order to keep these frame alive we have created a modification that allows us to fit a new shock into the frame while maintaining the same geometry.

With a new modified Monarch RL and custom hardware, riders have the ability to keep their Specialized Epic alive.

We ask for a photo and frame size of the bike prior to booking. Brain retrofit: ~$370.

UPDATE: As of 2022 we are able to also service some models of the brain shocks. Service: ~$275


Additionally we have been able to modify the Specialized Stumpjumper shocks with a Fox DPS for at a similar price

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