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Fork travel changes can be confusing. While we won’t go into depth on ride characteristics associated with increasing or decreasing travel here, head tube angle, bottom bracket height, etc., we do want to outline some compatibility issues you may run into when bumping up fork travel.

Travel Change Chart For Common Fox And Rockshoxs Forks

Fork Min Travel 27.5 Max Travel 27.5 Min Travel 29 Max Travel 29
Fox 36 stock 160mm 2015-2017 * see drawing below to identify airspring 110mm 160mm 110mm 160mm
Fox 36 stock 170mm 2015-2017** see drawing below to identify airspring 130mm 180mm NA NA
Fox 36 2018+* 140mm 180mm 140mm 160mm sometimes 170mm see notes below
Fox 34 2016+ 110mm 160mm 110mm 120-140mm* see notes
Pike 2014+ 120mm 160mm 120mm 160mm
Lyrik 2018+ 150mm 180mm 150mm 180mm
Yari 2018+ 150mm 180mm 150mm 180mm

Fox 36 info

  • 2018 fox 36 29er forks can be bumped up to 170mm it will require various parts to make it happen though new parts needed are: new CSU, Lowers, and damper. It is usually cheaper to just buy a new fork.
  • 2019 fox 36 29er forks can go to 170mm with no modification needed.
  • To identify which fork you have all you need to do is look at your damper. RC2 dampers are 2018 and older. 2019 forks will have The grip 2 damper

Fox 34 info

  • While 2016 29in 34mm forks may have travel extended up to 140mm, forks starting at 120mm or below will need a new damper to achieve greater than 120mm travel

2015-2017 36 NA air spring identifier below

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