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We have said it before in our is tuning worth it article : A custom tuned fork damper can elevate performance well beyond that of the stock setup by “shifting the bell curve” and also putting more controls in your hard.

Dirtlabs Ambassador Kevin Stiffler of Lee Likes Bikes, Coach Kevin, and Ride Ready speaks on the topic of how is Vorsprung Fit4 Fractive tuning kit changed his Fox 36:

 “When DirtLabs recommended the Vorsprung Tractive kit instead of a full custom tune on my MY2018 Fox 36 Kashima Fit4 160, I knew it was THAT good. As someone who happily always pays the expense/effort for customized shock tunes with DirtLabs, the ‘off-the-shelf’ ease and performance gain of the Vorsprung Fractive was welcomed. Select your desired compression damping option (with the help of Vorsprung’s Calculator and DirtLab’s recommendations), pull the Fit4 damper and install the Fractive – done. It was that easy.
     I’ve noticed the performance gains most with the independently adjustable high-speed (HSC) and low-speed compression (LSC) damping; no more LSC adjustment only when the fork is set to “Open/Descend” — the LSC is independent and adjustable at any HSC setting, and furthermore the HSC adjustment is a true infinitely adjustable range, not a “CTD” preset setting. I’ve been able to finitely adjust the LSC and HSC to my Riding, at a fraction of the total cost (monetarily and time) of a full custom tune.”
We are proudly installing the kits for US residents Book your tune!
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