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It is no secret that Cane Creek has seen some reliability issues with their coveted Inline twin tube suspension shock.   With the new coil version of the Inline seeing its debut earlier this year, the DBCoil[il], there has been an even greater focus on how their damper sealheads will handle the load without the added structural integrity of the aircan.  Cane Creek has addressed these concerns with a new version of their sealhead for the inlines.  The update includes a much larger bushing contact area and also moved the bushing to the top of the sealhead.  Both of these revisions will help the shock handle sideload and decrease the possibility of wear on piston shafts.

Additionally, for their air shocks, Cane Creek has revised their main air piston.   Two raised shelves have been added for greater contact with their glide-rings and the main seal has been made more robust.  Both of these updates should help with torsional rigidity and reduce the issue of excessive air transfer into the negative chamber, causing the shock to suck up into its travel.


Obviously, time will tell on how the parts hold up, but we believe these improvements are a large step in the reliability of the shock – Good work Cane Creek.

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