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Air build up in fork lowers has been a hot topic in the bike community for a little while now.  Many forks, across all manufactures, have a tendency to build up air pressure in the lower legs of the fork.  Some forks are even coming equipped with air bleed ports to help with the issue (The motocross industry has been doing it for years).

An easy DIY fix to the issue is learning how to “burp your lowers”   What the hell does that mean you may ask…   Well do you ever feel that your small bump compliance feels a little harsh? or it just isn’t as supple as it once was?  As long as you have had your fork rebuilt fairly recently (we have techniques that help minimize buildup during reassembly), it may simply be a build up of air that is acting as additional resistance to the compression of your fork. Try this easy trick to equalize pressure in your fork, especially if you are changing altitude or riding your fork hard.

Below is a quick video on how to “burp your lowers” the:
Disclaimer:   It is you responsibility to not screw it up, make sure parts are clean, and you have a smooth object to avoid damaging the seals.

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