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The industry moves in a similar fashion as Danny Hart’s World Cup win on a muddy course in 2011 – traction and precision at one point, complete slop the next. Industry standards rise and fall, some are proven worthy, some total crap. How is the average rider supposed to keep up with improved technologies without breaking the bank? Suspension tuning and updates/upgrades create substantial improvements without getting the significant other in a tiff over a $7,000 new bike purchase.

For every frame designed there is a discussion on suspension tune: “Rider weight? Is the rider jumping? Are they keeping wheels glued to the ground?” If you fit the target mold the have chosen, GREAT! If not, well… you are missing out on potential performance. 

We receive daily feedback on how custom tuning, updates, and upgrades create that “whole new bike” feel again. Pair an upgrade or custom tune with you routine service, or trade-in, and all of a sudden your annual service turns into an annual upgrade.


Dirtlabs approach to the tuning process is not a one-tune-fits-all methodology.  We look at every tune as an opportunity to optimize the riders experience on the bike, whether through custom valving / air spring tuning, updating internal components, or authorizing a trade-in towards anew suspension item.


Lots of new technologies are made to be retrofitted to older generation components. Take damper technologies from Rockshox and Fox for example. Upgrading from a Charger to a Charger2 damper or a Fox Fit4 to a Grip2 damper usually runs around $320 (before a trade-in). Debonair air spring upgrades are available from Rockshox for under $50 and is a HUGE performance gain for Pike forks all the way back to 2014.

Additionally there are lots of aftermarket options from Vorsprung (Luftkappe), coil conversion kits from Push Industries for Fox and Rockshox product, and maybe even a damper modification or two coming from our own R&D department here at Dirtlabs. Stay tuned on that one. (pun intended)

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